Case Studies & Testimonials

Want to see how Attraction Stacking™ can help you?

Susan DOUBLED Her Business Just Weeks After Reopening From the COVID Shutdown

Tyler Went From Tire-Kicker Leads to 5 Customers Paying Deposits on Custom Sheds in Just 1 Week

Bill Went From ZERO Online Leads To Getting So Much Business He's Hiring For The First Time

Dan Generated 17X ROI With Facebook Ads On His Very First Campaign... with ZERO Experience

Sherri Generated Over $15k in Her First Month On Her Very First Business Launch

Gaelle Generated More Leads From Her Funnel In 1 Week Than She Did In Six Months With Her Website

Jerome Averages 65+ Leads Per Month And Converts New Sales Daily With Zero Ad Spend

Hunter Generated Over $3k in 5 Days From His Email List

Stacey & Anthony Went From Marketing Overwhelm to Having a Clear Path to Generating New Customers

Chris Generated 10 Leads & 3 New Customers in His First 4 Days After Launching His New Sales Funnel with No Paid Ads

Jennifer Had to Open Her Business Two More Days Per Week to Keep Up With Appointments

Sonia went from marketing overwhelm to having a clear path to generating new clients

Want to see how Attraction Stacking™ can help you?

Evelyn Had Her BEST Month in Business EVER Just 30 Days After Joining Attraction Stacking™

Jersey Went From a Local Personal Trainer to Launching 2 Online Fitness Programs and Building a New Bootcamp Location

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Want to see how Attraction Stacking™ can help you?

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Susan Franklin

Doubled Her Business in 4 Months With Zero Advertising


"My business was good before, but it's doubled for sure with absolutely no advertising!."

*** Results May Vary ***

From Tire-Kicker Leads To High-Quality Paying Customers


"We went from tire-kicker leads to 5 customers paying deposits on custom sheds in just our first week."

*** Results May Vary ***

Tyler Galyen

Bill Atkinson

Went From One-Man-Show to Hiring Employees


"Things are going great!  People are signing up for project bids left and right!"

*** Results May Vary ***

Generated A 17X ROI With His First Campaign


"I absolutely recommend working with Jared.  He's a great guy to work with.  Very helpful.

*** Results May Vary ***

Dan McCabe

Sherri Jackson

Generated Over $15k On Her First Launch


"With Jared's coaching it allowed me to prove to myself that I'm really capable of doing anything I put my mind to".

*** Results May Vary ***

Generated More Leads in 1 Week Than Past Six Months


"The training really helped me figure out how to create a funnel for new clients."

*** Results May Vary ***

Gaelle Valencia

Want to see how Attraction Stacking™ can help you?

Jerome Lopez

*** Results May Vary ***

"Jared completely changed the way we think about marketing"

Hunter Montross

*** Results May Vary ***

"We did $3k from one email campaign.  Our open rate was triple past emails"

Anthony Stith

*** Results May Vary ***

"We went from marketing overwhelm to having a clear path to generate new customers"

Chris Oliva

*** Results May Vary ***

We got about 7 leads and 2 bookings in less than 4 days

Evelyn Newstat

*** Results May Vary ***

"This has been the best month since opening my spa over a year ago"

Jersey Giambrone

*** Results May Vary ***

"I'm truly blessed you are my coach"

Colin McCormick

*** Results May Vary ***

"HIGHLY recommend this program to anyone looking to grow their business"

Krizzel Cruz

*** Results May Vary ***

"Two new appointments booked this morning!  Seriously appreciating your coaching right now"

Want to see how Attraction Stacking™ can help you?